SEO - Best practices for title tags

Apr 16 2020,   @Haseebeqx

1. Keep title length under 60 characters
When you use large titles google will strip title based on it's SEO algorithm. This could lead to removal of important key words. In the end your page will endup skipped out of several important keywords.

2. Don't over optimize for specific keywords.
Search engines won't give any score for repeated keywords under normal circumstances. And it is not user friendly. Users generally skips over optimized keywords. So it will not bring any SEO advantages.

3. Don't repeat titles.
If you repeat titles search engines will have a tendency to treat them as duplicate content. So, avoid this at all costs.

4. Craft title based on the importance of the keywords.
Important keywords should appear first on title. Keyword order helps in better search placements also increases clicks.

5. Pipe out your brand name.
Pipe out brand names using a | or - characters. This is useful for search engines and users to filter important items.

6. Craft titles so users will tend to click it.
Search engine listings are like a road side market. Users have to click it even if it is placed on the first page of a search result. So craft it keeping both SEO and human nature in mind. Having a title not too big and interesting for users to read will bring more traffic to your site.