SEO - Why meta description tag is important

Apr 16 2020,   @Haseebeqx

A good meta description will bring more clicks to your webpage. Here are some tips you can follow to improve your click ratio in search results. Search engines will not consider meta description for ranking purposes. But be careful, if it does not match the content there is a penalty in SEO.

1. Craft it for the users.
Meta descriptions will show below search results. So, that users can decide which link to click. It should provide an indication of what users can expect inside the page. Good descriptions will increase the click through rate. And as a side effect your position in search engine rankings will improve. Leading to more clicks. That's another form of SEO 😎.

2. Limit characters.
Limit number of characters from 150 to 155. or upto a maximum of 160 characters. Try to convey your message with right keywords within that limit. If you have to use more characters for any reason. Make sure most important message comes within the first 150 to 155 characters.

3. Don’t duplicate
Just don’t duplicate. It won’t be considered for search engine ranking directly. Make sure it matches with your content. Over usage may lead to SEO penalty. But don’t worry. Making it to match with your content is not a difficult task.

4. Add important keywords.
Search engines will highlight keywords in the search in description. So it will help users to understand which page is more relevant. Optimizing important keywords will give more tendency to click.