Most helpful tips when submiting a job application

May 1 2020,   @Haseebeqx

1. Do some research.
You have to learn more about the company you are applying to. It gives you more confidence and helps in tuning your job application. You can check their website, social media accounts and press coverage to understand more about the company. It will help you to get a clear picture of how much the company is suitable for you.

2 List out your selling points.
Your cover letter should list some of your major selling points. Make sure they align with organizational goals and culture of the company. Why you are the most suitable candidate for the company?. Why you are interested in this specific job in this specific company?. Which of your abilities matches with the job?. Include these information.

3. Add some examples of previous work.
Employers will always appreciate work samples. If you are a civil engineer and you have some autocad or 3dsMax samples. Upload in a cloud drive such as dropbox or google drive and share the link. Does some club or volunteer positions indicates your work ?. Include them also.

4. Match your resume with the work description.
Try to match your resume and the work description given as much as possible. Follow these,
Review the job description.
Write down key points.
Match your skills to key points.

6. Include proper followup information.
Include proper email address and phone number in which you are available. In case of unavailability due to cellular reasons, You can include a secondary phone number too. Don't forget to include information like your Address. Get yourself ready with information whenever they contact you.